October 5, 2022


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Style Advisor May 2022: High-voltage menswear


For our May 2022 issue of Style Advisor, we took a trip to the historic Niagara Parks Power Station to shoot our men’s wear look book, which features the season’s best lightweight textiles, layering pieces, and most creative silhouettes. Plus, a trip to Beyond Habitat, a new low-impact community in Quebec; a look at why vintage Ikea pieces are some of the most sought-after items on the secondhand housewares market; and a dispatch from Louis Vuitton’s emotional runway show in November. All this and more in the full issue, which you can read as a PDF below.

Previous issues

In March, we took you on a stylish tour around the world, from Prince Edward County’s revamped Royal Hotel to sustainable travel-focused New Zealand to Tuscany, where olives are harvested for oil production under cover or darkness.

Royal Gilbert /The Globe and Mail

In November, we presented a gift guide to sculptural perfume bottles, quirky bags, handmade ceramics and crafty ornaments, plus plenty of other stylish suggestions including made-in-Canada and sustainable gifts.

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doublespace photography/The Globe and Mail

In April, we looked at Quonset houses that offer loft-like airiness with more affordable construction, plus summer design trends, men’s spring fashion and the playful world of dollhouse design.

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Saty + Pratha /The Globe and Mail

In the March issue we spotlight the chintz prints and botanic lacework of the new collections, take a farm-to-flaçon journey across France to mark the 100th anniversary of Chanel No. 5, and trace how designers are working with artists to bring us closer to their creative process.

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The November holiday issue highlighted gifts that give back, new twists on holiday pastries and festive decor, makeup and wardrobes.

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The people profiled in the April issue devote their time to inspiring a sense of wonder in their audiences, from National Ballet of Canada artistic director Karen Kain to artist Jen Mann, who paints portraits that look deep into selfie culture.

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