May 25, 2022


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Leveraging Mobile and Cloud PMS Technology to Combat Major Challenges Facing Hotels Today – stayntouch

Leveraging Mobile and Cloud PMS Technology to Combat Major Challenges Facing Hotels Today – stayntouch

Unburden Staff and Hire and Retain Talent

In the past year, the hospitality industry has faced persistent labor shortages and the spiraling cost of labor, even as travel demand has risen and hotel occupancy has approached (and often exceeded) its pre-pandemic norms. It’s a difficult balancing act. Hotel brands are faced with the challenge of hiring talented new employees, retaining the staff they currently employ, and empowering each employee to make the most out of limited teams. Implementing mobile PMS can help.

Hoteliers should invest in technology that features a user interface that is colorful, intuitive, and easy to use. Not only can this shorten training periods—and make the platform more enjoyable to use—but it can also widen a hotel’s potential talent pool. After all, hotels should hire staff who excel at engaging with guests, and that should not be constrained by clunky or outdated software.

Automation and mobile accessibility are also necessary to maintain seamless operations with a smaller staff. Automated task management and mobile communication can increase the efficiency of housekeeping staff while ensuring that the front-of-the-house remains up to date with room status changes. Mobile self-check-in can similarly free up resources at the front desk while automating common administrative tasks like reporting or bulk check-in can cut down on busywork.

Beyond increasing staff efficiency, automation and mobile accessibility can assist in employee retention by making hospitality work more rewarding. Nobody begins a career in hospitality with a dream of sitting behind a desk filing—they get into hospitality because they enjoy serving and engaging with guests. Mobile platforms allow hoteliers to break free from the front desk and meet guests wherever they are in the hotel, delivering both a more authentic experience for guests and a more engaging and fulfilling workday for staff.

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