May 25, 2022


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LEDS C4 complete new lighting project • Hotel Designs

Now more than ever office lighting matters. Fuego Camina Conmigo is a strategic and creative agency that has just opened its new headquarters in Barcelona, a space in which to materialise the company’s values. The interior design project involved a complete revamp of the premises, led by Catalan designer Isern Serra. The rectangular space was filled with details and original architectural elements and windows on three façades. Meanwhile, the lighting project focused on providing warmth in a different way to each workspace, following a minimalist design to complement the vastness of the space.

Serra chose LEDS C4 products for the office lighting of this project; specifically, several lines from the Architectural Collection and Decorative Collection catalogues. The suspended Tubs Modular illuminates the worktables, providing homogeneity and warmth and giving workers the option to rotate and direct the light source as needed.

Next to the tables are small ‘break islands’ for having more relaxed conversations, with floor lamps from the Cocktail and Tubs collections standing amongst furniture made by Spanish designer Sancal.

Further along, in the corridors and in front of the meeting rooms, Atom Track 52 projectors are used to light the steps and doorways, blending in with the beams and original architecture. The meeting rooms are equipped with combinations of Play High Visual Comfort Adjustable downlights for smaller spaces, while Ilargi lamps illuminate the largest conference room. The WCs are also bathed in warm lighting, provided by lights from the Toilet Slim line and LED On strips.

The LEDS C4 light fixtures in turn complement the furniture picked out by the designer; high-end pieces by prestigious brands such as Sancal, favoured by other renowned designers and studios such as Sylvain Willenz, Mut Design, Estudihac, Sebastian Herkner and Ionna Vautrin.

The office is organised into an area for meeting rooms and services — such as a kitchen, bathrooms and storage —, a multi-purpose ‘agora’ — to be used as a space to hold informal meetings and calls or for occasional presentations or exhibitions — and a permanent work zone that can accommodate 44 people.

The goal for the design was to create an open and comfortable space that would encourage creativity, learning and continuous change. To achieve this, Isern Serra chose to maintain the original structure while opening the workspaces and creating small meeting islands, steering away from the typical glass enclosures found in the office design world. Hence, the closed spaces were conceived in the form of micro architectures that interact with one another and create an interior sculptural passage of cubicles with circular openings, creating doors and windows that allow the light to circulate and evoking a world of art and creation. All this stylishly brought together with white shades, smooth lines and warm lighting.

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Main image credit: LEDS C4

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