May 24, 2022


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Hospitality Tech Not Only Saves Money - It Can Also Empower Staff

Hospitality Tech Not Only Saves Money – It Can Also Empower Staff

Nurturing employee retention by off-loading their workload through automation can help prevent burnout.

In the last couple of years, the hospitality industry was hit with many challenges from Covid-related lockdowns to most recently, a labor shortage. Now that travel is gearing up for a brighter year ahead, finding and retaining employees is more crucial than ever.

But how can hoteliers handle the resurgence of travel and tourism at the very moment when staffing is low? Fortunately, hospitality tech can help alleviate staff workload in a way that improves the guest experience. With the right technology, hoteliers can automate much of their operations, relieving staff from mundane tasks and reigniting their passion for hospitality.

Mobile Check-In Empowers Staff

With lingering staff shortages, remaining staff are overburdened with a greater workload and longer hours with little reprieve. Self-service technology, such as mobile apps, can alleviate some of the workload by enabling guests to take more control of their trip.  Hotel guest apps allow travelers to complete the check-in process on their mobile devices as well as use their mobile devices as a digital room key to enter their rooms. Not only does this provide a more streamlined check-in process for guests, but it also eliminates labor intensive paperwork for the front desk staff. With mobile check-in, hotel staff will have more time to engage with guests in a much more meaningful way, build relationships with guests, and feel more rewarded in their work

Automate Service Requests to Free-Up Staff

Whether it’s ordering extra towels or requesting room service, today’s guests prefer sending a service request through their mobile devices or smart-room tablets. Getting an immediate response via text or guest messaging is prized over being put on hold by the front desk. Automating service requests also optimizes operational efficiency and saves significant manpower and labor costs.  When service requests are automated, a small staff is empowered to provide quality service and have more time to provide more personalized attention to guests.

Clarity and Efficiency Go Hand and Hand

When lines of communication between staff and guests are muddy, tasks can fall through the cracks, guests can feel ignored, and both staff and management can end up feeling unnecessary pressure from all sides. Hoteliers should be taking a close look at their management systems and asking questions like:

  • Are staff able to view and update tasks easily?
  • Is management able to prioritize tasks and customize the workflow to fit the needs of their team?
  • Are escalations flagged so they can be handled in a timely manner?
  • Does the system in place integrate with on-property dining and amenities, and allow for digital storefronts?
  • Are staff able to access the current system from any device they need throughout their workday?

With digital technology, communication between teams can be streamlined and time-sensitive requests can automatically be prioritized. And making task management easy for staff to view and access eliminates the frustration and time loss that comes with poor communication. Taking unnecessary tasks off your employee’s plate and communicating priority tasks clearly through tech contributes to a work environment where staff can thrive long-term.

As experienced employees return and those new to the hospitality industry learn the ropes, now is the time to set your staff up for long-term success. By investing in tech that mitigates busywork and promotes clarity, your teams are able to focus on the best parts of hospitality–serving and connecting with guests.

To learn more about how a comprehensive management system can support your team’s communication and workflow, start a conversation today.

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