September 26, 2022


Travelling Tomorrow

Casa de Campo

Right when you close your eyes and dream of the perfect Caribbean beach, chances are it looks an incredible arrangement like the one at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas. That is, totally clear turquoise blue water carefully lapping on faultless white sand touched with pleasant chaise loungers with a setting of palm-trees gently affecting in the breeze.At the center of Casa de Campo is Minitas Beach, a private refuge that is perfect for engrossing the sun or acknowledging sports like swimming, kayaking, paddle floating, therefore fundamentally more. In addition, simply past our shores, the detached Catalina and Saona Islands envision with fundamentally progressively covered beaches and rich environmental factors to research. 

Our private Minitas Beach is deliberately set right in the middle, taking everything into account, so you never need to go far for a little sun and sand. There’s in like manner abundance to do here, from an arrangement of watersports, to appreciating a slackening up focus on our outside structure. Likewise the quintessential Minitas Beach understanding, getting a charge out of one of our acclaimed pi?a coladas served in a fresh, neighborhood pineapple. Moreover, when you’re feeling like a goody, you can eat at the Beach Club dismissing the Caribbean Sea. 

Regardless, perhaps the best thing about Minitas Beach is that it’s a private, untainted haven with a calm and slackening up condition, perfect for kicking back and loosening up from the comfort of a chaise loosen up seat.

La Romana – Casa de Campo

Since it opened in La Romana pretty much 50 years earlier as the chief retreat in the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo® Resort and Villas has been a most adored luxury objective for perceiving explorers and huge names the world over who relish the private gated arrange for its shielded and select setting. Known as the best golf resort, the 3 Pete Dye greens join Teeth of the Dog, which is the #1 situated course in the Caribbean. The activities are generally world class — 7 excellent restaurants including the amazing new Minitas Beach Club, a Marina, Equestrian Center featuring Polo, Shooting Course, remarkable shopping and 3 private immaculate white sand coastlines. In case you need the best, the most and the first in the Caribbean, your Casa de Campo experience is holding on. 

Casa de Campo offers a remarkable number of activities for you to experience. Whether or not you have to play sports, put vitality in or on the water, value an enthusiastic nightlife, go on a culinary journey, shop-until you-drop, get some answers concerning the Dominican culture, or basically loosen up and escape, the best in the Caribbean is acceptable


Golfers find their rhythm at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas’ magnificently organized fairways made by the staggering Pete Dye, including the #1 situated green in the Caribbean, Teeth of the Dog. Hitting the fairway in the Dominican Republic on the respect winning greens will without a doubt be an astounding sledge.

 Train with the masters at our existence class Golf Learning Center to play your best game on the Caribbean shoreline on our three Pete Dye works of art: Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore, and The Links. Discharge your potential with offices and camps offered by Casa de Campo’s driving golf educators, or pick to practice with the TrackMan Simulator. Adventure up to the tee on one of Casa de Campo Resort and Villas’ three respect winning greens and end up included by impeccable Caribbean waters, eminent effects, and imprint troubles. Nothing takes a gander at to the imperativeness, intensity, and vitality enveloping a golf rivalry.

 Casa de Campo is more than an inn that offers golf, it’s a world head golf resort in an astounding objective with the most perfectly awesome courses and rivalries open for this zapping game. Put your capacities to the test by enrolling for one of Casa de Campo’s many golf rivalries, held tight our amazing greens: Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore and The Links.

Altos de Chavon

Scratched through and through of stone, Altos de Chavón — a model sixteenth century Mediterranean town—sits 300 feet over the Chavón River. Worked over a period of six years, the town opened in 1982 with Frank Sinatra performing live at the 5,000-seat Grecian style outside amphitheater, where different world masters have since performed. Today, the town is a great spot to visit for its bewildering medieval feel, its structure, an a lot of stogie, clothing, and diamond retailers, top of the line nourishment, bars, and articulations and works of art. Its point of convergence, the St. Stanislaus Church, is a well known wedding site in the DR, with its unrivaled points of view over the conduit. Without a doubt, the Altos de Chavón Archeological Museum houses one of the most extensive varieties on indigenous culture in the DR. 

Tropical stream Chavon in the Dominican Republic 

The sweeping viewpoints over the Chavón River, and over the Dye Fore fairway which it skirts on the east side, make Altos de Chavón a perfect photo stop on a journey through La Romana. There’s an additional charge for non-guests of Casa de Campo, or you can book a journey through the town. Around night time, the setting ends up being altogether logically extraordinary with wistful lighting on the stone courts and devouring verandas dismissing the stream.