May 26, 2022


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12 Mistakes to avoid at an all-inclusive vacation spot

If you want a stress free holiday then look no further than booking an all inclusive vacation. Numerous vacation spots in Europe offer all-in-one packages for the ease of their customers. It takes away the hassle of planning a vacation and spending countless hours on the process. An all inclusive vacation seems like an attractive option but is it truly stress-free and transparent as it is advertised. Keep reading to avoid the most common mistakes made when booking an all inclusive vacation. 

Transportation cost

All resorts are different and so are their packages. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid overlooking minor details. Does your resort cover transportation to and from the airport? What about gratuities and tips? 

Water sports

You might make the mistake of misunderstanding what this means on the resort brochure. Most retreats and resorts offer free water sports as part of their activities but they fail to mention that you might have to pay for motorized water sports. 


If you want to enjoy drinks at the exclusive bar of the resort you have chosen, you will most definitely have to pay extra. These bars are usually free for members only. So if you chose a resort due to their impressive bar, make sure to check the finer details as well. 

Spa treatments

Spa and other exclusive activities are hugely advertised by the retreats as part of the program but you will most definitely have to pay extra to enjoy these. 


Make sure to check that the wifi is free and available throughout the resort and not just in the main lobby area. 

Is the resort kids friendly

If you are booking a vacation for your family, make sure that the activities at the resort you have chosen include entertainment for the kids as well. Some resorts are only adult-friendly so check in advance. 

21+ resorts

Are you booking a vacation to get some peace and rest? Imagine stepping foot in the resort you chose and being surrounded by noisy and screaming kids. There goes your peace and quiet. So book a resort that allows booking for adults only. 

Resort fee

Beware of the additional resort fee. Some resorts and retreats advertise their activities as all-inclusive but end up charging an additional resort fee when you finally check-in. 


In most cities around the world, anyone offering you timeshare deals once you have reached the destination is most likely a big fraud. There are tour guides present who actually guide against timeshare deals so beware.

Extended Checkout

When your stay at the resort ends, you might decide to check out a few hours after the official checkout time. Don’t make this mistake as most resorts charge extra per person for every hour spent overtime.

Not leaving the resort

There are a ton of local activities to do outside of the resort. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the beautiful cities of Europe. But make sure not to book an excursion outside of the resort as this could lead to a scam.  

Don’t overspend 

Since you are most likely to pay for your all-inclusive vacation in advance, you might end up blowing your budget on the onsite attractions and activities. These resorts make a lot of money in this way. So keep track of your spendings.